For the  30+ years since Bruce Brymers began trading our Haggis recipe has been a closely guarded secret.

Each year in January our production of Haggis goes into overdrive - made daily, it's not unusual during the season of the Bard for tons of the warm-reekin, rich stuff to be ordered.

From a Haggis for two .... to a Burns Supper for hundreds

expert advice is always close at hand.

Haggis today comes in many guises...

Traditional Haggii will always be with us but now it can be seen alongside spicy Haggis Bon-Bons, mouth watering Haggis Stuffed Tomatoes, Haggis Parcels wrapped in steak ready for roasting, flavorful Haggis Truffles and  Haggis Olives ideal for casseroles ... the list goes on ...

- the best way to select your kind of Haggis is to visit us in-store and view the variety for yourself.

Haggis of all shapes & sizes

Our traditional haggii can be delivered anywhere in  the UK. Depending on size, you'd be surprised by how little it can cost...

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