Christmas Beef

Rib Roast on the bone

The Rolls-Royce of Beef Cuts - the ribs serve as insulation from the harsh heat of the oven and provide anchorage for the meat which prevents shrinkage.

A one bone roast is approx 1.5 to 2 kg and feeds 2-3 folk.

£9.45/lb ~ £20.83/kg

Fillet Roast

A supremely tender and indulgent treat - Cook it low temperature for delicately flavoured meat that will melt in the mouth.

1 lb serves 3 people.

£23.44/lb ~ £51.67/kg

Prime Matured Rolled Sirloin

A beautifully succulent easy to carve roast with a thin covering of fat to keep all that flavour in.

1 lb serves 2-3 people.

£15.96/lb ~ £35.19/kg

Rump Roast

Lean, juicy and packed with rich rump flavour.

1 lb serves 2.3 people.

£8.91/lb ~ £19.65/kg


A beautiful lean roast which is easy to cook & carve.

1 lb serves 2-3 people.

£8.08/lb ~ £17.81/kg


Long, slow cooking gives Brisket rich beef flavor and a tender texture.

1 lb serves 2-3 people.

£6.00/lb ~ £13.23/kg

Rolled Roast

Prime Rib Beef boned & seamed - with a thin covering of fat to keep all that flavour in - the perfect juicy roast.

1 lb serves 2-3 people.

£15.16/lb ~ £33.43/kg


Rare Roast Topside with it's deliciously rich, savoury flavour is always a winner.

1 lb serves 2-3 people.

£7.77/lb ~ £17.13/kg

Fillet Steaks

Fillet steaks cut by hand to your requirement.
For flavour and meltingly tender texture they can't be beat.

Standard Sizes: 6oz, 8oz, 10oz

£23.44/lb ~ £51.67/kg

Sirloin Steaks

Rich in flavour and succulently tender. Sirloin Steaks are at their best when not cooked beyond medium.

Standard Sizes: 8oz, 10oz

£15.96/lb ~ £35.19/kg

T Bone Steaks

These “T-shaped” steaks are a favorite of meat lovers because they actually contain two steaks: the fillet and the sirloin.

Standard Sizes: 12oz, 16oz

£10.89/lb ~ £24.00/kg

Prime Scotch Diced Steak

Lots of stew recipes call for very gentle cooking – but they still need to simmer - the strands of collagen in beef don't dissolve into gelatin much below 180 degrees F.

Say if you want it Sliced or Diced

£6.99/lb ~ £15.41/kg