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New Year 2023 orders can still be placed Christmas orders have now stopped.

There is no shopping trolley for a Brymer's Festive Order - we individually prepare each order to your specification - so please browse the Festive Fayre pages below & use the Festive Order Form on the Homepage to list your product choices & requirements.

Fresh Farm Turkeys

(7.7lb to 20lb)


Freshly Prepared Turkey Breast Roasts

... Pure Turkey Breast easy to carve and cut to any size you require. These can be pre-stuffed with the stuffing of your choice.

Capons, Chickens, Pheasants & Duck

locally sourced

Free Range Geese

Limited Stock - Order early!


Brymer's Speciality Stuffings

Pork or Beef Chipolatas

Streaky Bacon

Dry Cure Scotch Back Bacon

Turkey or Beef Gravy

Cranberry Sauce

Brymer's Clootie Dumplings

& the all important Goose Fat!


Prime Matured Rolled Sirloin

A beautiful easy to carve roast

Rolled Roast

Prime Rib Beef boned and seamed

Rib Roast on the Bone

A traditional roast with a unique flavour

Silverside or Topside

A beautiful lean roast which is easy to cook & carve


Gammon Roasts on the Bone


Rolled Gammon Roasts


Honey Roast Hams

honey roast gammon 2.jpg

Our sought after Steak Pies are packed full of traditionally matured lean and tender diced steak, brimming with a gravy full of deep flavours, all contained in a deliciously flaky puff pastry.

 A great hassle free way of getting the family around the Table over the Festive Period.

Brymer Pies.jpg


Specially selected locally sourced Blackface Lamb...

Rack of Lamb


Leg of Lamb


Rolled Shoulder Lamb


Lamb Shank

Rack of Lamb.jpg



Pork Gigot Roasts

On or off the bone with a thin fat


layer for crackling


Pork Loin Roasts

On the bone or boneless &

Stuffed ready to roast

honey roast gammon.jpg



All our wild fresh Venison comes direct from the Invermark Estate in Glen Esk...



Venison Medallions

For that special recipe



Haunch of Venison

Perfect for roasting or steaks

venison medallions.jpg

Fresh Lobster


& Hot Smoked Salmon


Stephens of Gourdon



1, 2 (Let us know if soup or  pudding!), or 3 Course

Turkey or Roast Beef

Christmas Dinners with:

Pigs in blankets,

Traditional Oatmeal Stuffing,

Roast Tatties, Sprouts, Mixed Vegetables & Gravy

Ideal if you haven't the time, energy or inclination to prepare a traditional Christmas Dinner.


...& a great product to order for someone you know will be alone over the Festive Season.



3 course turkey dinner 2.jpg


All you need for that

Festive Fry-up...

...doesn't need to be at breakfast time - get outside and bring home an appetite!

We will have packs made up or products can be ordered individually

breakfast 3.jpg

Of course all of our un-seasoned Beef, Pork, Lamb & Poultry is Gluten Free but here are a few products we produce specifically for those with an intolerance to Gluten...

Beef Chipolatas

Pork Chipolatas

Festive Stuffings

Pork Sausagemeat (for your own creations).

gluten free.jpg

A Selection of our customers favourite products available for delivery along with your Festive Orders.

Beef Olives.PNG
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