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The Christmas Trimmings

Brymer's Speciality Stuffings

Choose you favourites: Pork with Sage & Onion, Pork with Apriccot & Leek, Pork with Apple & Cider, Pork with Cranberry & Orange, Traditional Oatmeal Stuffing or Plain Pork Sausagemeat.

Tell which of our lovely Stuffings you would like to order - comes in an oven ready foil (approx 1.25lb) with cooking instructions.

Pork £5.59/lb ~ Oatmeal £3.73/lb

Pork or Beef Chipolatas

All of our sausages are freshly made by hand. The meat (Prime Scottish Pork or Beef!) is ground down with ice and rusk to achieve the best possible texture - this helps retain moisture and flavor making for a more succulent sausage. The sausage-meat is then seasoned to our own recipes
and hand made into Beef or Pork Chipolatas for Your Christmas!

Produced in bags of 1lb

£8.08/lb ~ £17.82/kg

Streaky Bacon

Scotch Dry Cured - a must for wrapping round your chipolatas :-)

£6.12/lb ~ £13.49/kg

White Puddings

Brymer's own traditionally made White Puddings filled into natural sausage casings.

£3.33/lb ~ £7.35/kg

Dry Cure Back Bacon

Scotch Dry Cured.

£9.10/lb ~ £20.05/kg

Turkey Gravy

A rich aromatic turkey gravy - hand made with fresh turkey stock.

£2.53/ 520ml Tub

Beef Gravy

A traditional gravy, hand made with rich beef stock.

£2.53/ 520ml Tub

Cranberry Sauce

Hand made in-store specially for Christmas.

£5.06/ 520ml Tub

Brymer's Clootie Dumpling

Made the traditional way. Full of fruit, the spicy scent of a warm clootie will conjure up memories of times gone by... No Hogmanay is complete without one!

Order the Wee One, the Humongous One or just a slice or two :-)

Small £9.13, Large £22.29 or £1.36/100g

Goose Fat

A must for your Roasties :-)

£2.75/ Tub 180g Tub
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