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Christmas Pork

Pork Gigot Roasts

Taken from the leg, this trimmed and rolled roasting joint is encased in a thin layer of crackling which seals in the flavour of the meat whilst slow cooking.

1lb feeds approx 2 folk.

£8.12/lb ~ £17.90/kg

Pork Loin Roasts

A fantastically juicy roast - for best results, be sure to rest the meat before carving.

1lb feeds approx 2 folk.

£6.39/lb ~ £14.09/kg

Stuffed Loin of Pork

With a generous outside layer of fat for the crackling - it's not Christmas without the Crackling :-)

1lb feeds approx 2 folk.

£6.39/lb ~ £14.08/kg

Pork Belly

An incredibly tender cut of meat, the belly is delicious when slow-roasted.

1lb feeds approx 2 folk.

£5.19/lb ~ £11.45/kg

Roast Ham

Brymer's own Roast Ham - A fab & hassle-free addition to the festivities!

£14.26/lb ~ £31.43/kg

Ham Shank

Not just for soups - ham shank is delicious roasted - get looking up those recipes!

£2.20/lb ~ £4.85/kg
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