Christmas Gammons

Gammon Roast on the bone

Salty, crisp, juicy crackling ham makes a beautiful centrepiece for Christmas or Boxing Day.
Maximum impact for minimum effort – just what you want during the festive season.

£4.27/lb ~ £9.41/kg

Honey Roasted Hams

Glazed and studded in decorative cloves - you have a real feast on your hands - without the hassle

£7.66/lb ~ £16.89/kg

Rolled Gammon Roast

Juicy, succulent gammon with delicious flavour. Cook slowly and slice into thick steaks.
And the best bit is that it just keeps on giving – sandwiches, salads, risottos with the leftovers Yummmm!

£5.24/lb ~ £11.55/kg