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Brymer's Steak Pies

Our sought after Steak Pies are packed full of traditionally matured lean and tender diced steak, brimming with a gravy full of deep flavours, all contained in a deliciously flaky puff pastry.

 A great hassle free way of getting the family around the Table over the Festive Period.

Brymer Pies.jpg

Cooking guidelines
For best results cover your pie in tin foil, prick the foil in several places (allows for crisping without burning) and pop in an oven preheated to 180ºC/gas mark 4 for the approximate times stated below. Ensure your pie is piping hot before tucking in. Loosen your belt & enjoy!

Pie Size / Price
Cooking Time
2lb Steak Pie (£23.70)
serves 6
60 minutes
1.5lb Steak Pie (£16.02)
serves 4-5
50 minutes
1lb Steak Pie (£12.51)
serves 3-4
40 minutes
0.75lb Steak Pie (£9.68)
serves 2-3
40 minutes
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