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A Gluten Free Festive Season

Gluten Free Pork Stuffings

Choose you favourites: Sage & Onion, Apriccot & Leek, Apple & Cider or Cranberry & Orange... they are Christmas!

£5.59/lb ~ £12.32/kg

Gluten Free Pork Sausagemeat

Ready for you to add your own special touch!

£5.59/lb ~ £12.32/kg

Gluten Free Chipolatas

All of our sausages are freshly made by hand. The meat (Prime Scottish Pork or Beef!) is ground down with ice to achieve the best possible texture - this helps retain moisture and flavor making for a more succulent sausage. The sausage-meat is then seasoned to our own recipes and hand made into, in this case, Gluten Free Pork or Beef Chipolatas for Christmas!

£8.08/lb ~ £17.82/kg
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