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Some of your Favourite Staples

Festive Orders can include all products from the Festive Fayre pages & for your convenience, you can add from amongst the following... (this is a restricted product list to help keep Festive Order preparation manageable):

Brymer's Beef Olives
Steak Mince
Chicken Fillets (
with or without your favourite marinades)
Diced Beef, Pork or Lamb
Brymer’s Burgers
(all varieties)
Pork or Lamb Chops
Brymer’s Special Sausages
(all varieties)

Brymer's Beef Sausages
& Brymer’s Cold Meats and Salads

(Prices for the above can be found on the Online Shop Pages)

Brymer's Meat Packs

Pack A:   (4 Chicken Fillets, 1lb Steak Mince, 1lb Pork Sausages, 1lb Stew, 1lb Minute Steak & 1 Mince Round) £37.44  each

Pack B:   (1lb Steak Mince, 4 Beef Burgers, 1lb Steak Pie, 1/2lb Bacon & 2 White Puddings) £27  each

Pack C:   (2 Steak Burgers, 6 Pork Sausages, One 3/4lb Haggis, 2 Mince Pies & 2 Pork Steaks) £15.60  each

tropical chicken fillets
Creamy Garlic Chicken
Lean diced Lamb
Steak burgers 2 of
pork sausages
Beef Olives
Florida Salad
Coronation Chicken
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