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Glen Esk Venison

Venision Medallions

The venison equivalent of fillet steak - tender succulent and lean. Cook with care though - with no fat to protect it from the heat, it is at it's best when served rare to medium rare.

£22.97/lb ~ £50.63/kg

Venison Haunch Steaks

Our venison haunch steaks are gamey, wonderfully lean and have less fat content than a beef or lamb steak.

£12.84/lb ~ £28.30/kg

Venison Haunch Boned and Rolled

Dark, lean and tender, perfect for slow roasting.
Our skilled butchers de-bone the haunch then roll and tie it for an easy carve. Delicious done in red wine or a red currant sauce!

£12.84/lb ~ £28.30/kg
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